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autumn 2021
spotlight feature callout

Hey Resistors!


Artychoke Zine needs you!


We’re on the lookout for visual artists (of any discipline) for the Spotlight feature of our Autumn Issue. Previous issues have featured the work of illustrator Zac Rossiter, set designer & prop stylist Saskia Martindale and multidisciplinary artist Seren Oakley.


The Autumn Issue’s theme is Discarding & Displacement and the Spotlight feature must also relate directly to this theme. 


About Artychoke Zine:


Artychoke Zine first published on 21st December 2020 and is the lovechild of editors Anna Cabré -Verdiell Bosch and Charlotte Arnold. Artychoke Zine is devoted to showcasing the arts as a means OF & FOR Resistance. That’s our philosophy and the MAIN reason behind the publication. 


So far Artychoke is a totally unfunded magazine. However, readers have the option to make donations which will be equally split with all the collaborators of that issue once costs (Website Domain basically) are covered.  We also offer advertising to organisations and businesses which occasionally brings in some money, however, we can’t guarantee that there’ll be an economic reward for being featured in the zine.


How does the Spotlight Feature work?


Spotlight, quite literally, casts a light on an artist's existing work, so it’s not an original creation for the issue. The pieces selected (usually between 5 - 8 images) must be relevant to the issue’s theme (Discarding & Displacement), in addition to being responsive to Artychoke’s undercurrent of resistance. The zine is a digital zine (currently only exists online) so work is not limited to still images, and could also include video and audio elements.


Submissions must, however, contain a visual element, this is so we can keep an even balance between visual to written pieces within the issue and also to fill the quota of pages (flexible, but usually between 3 - 4 A4 sized pages). 


If successful:


We will contact you by 31st August, and your work will feature in the Autumn issue publishing on 21st September 2021.


Your work will always be yours, no matter whether you’ve submitted something pre-existing or an original work for Artychoke. We will share your work on our Instagram and Facebook, and it will be featured on our website indefinitely first as the current issue, and then as a past issue. We will always credit you, and we would appreciate that for any original works created for Artychoke if you could also credit/mention Artychoke Magazine, so we can continue sharing the love. 


Here’s what you need to know to apply:


The Autumn Issue’s theme is Discarding & Displacement

All pieces submitted must relate to this theme.

To apply: Please send 5 - 8 images, a short paragraph (100 words) describing how and why your work relates to the Autumn theme, along with a 20 word bio and any social media links you have to


Deadline to apply: Friday 20th August 2021


If you have any access needs or queries please email 

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